Beautiful Stained Glass


We have several expressions of Welcoming Ministry active in our parish:  

People who meet and greet us as we arrive for every weekend Mass, handing out bulletins, hymnals and any help that may be needed. It is a good way to begin and end Mass! 

The message of welcome is frequently in our bulletin, on our website and postings on our Facebook page – as well as messages on our outdoor signs.  All these express the desire of Our Lady of Hope Parish to welcome all of our brothers and sisters – siblings.   

The welcome is addressed to all, everyone.  At times we also focus on specific issues.  Monthly ministry meetings are in-person and via zoom of members and friends interested in learning more and finding ways to express Jesus’ desire that all people are welcome.  A special focus has been on people and groups of people who have often felt (or even been told) that they are not welcome in the Catholic Church.  In this work we have joined with several other parish clusters to focus on this kind of effort (Bangor and Orono, Winslow-Waterville). 

Banner says Jesus welcomed everyone. We do too.
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