From Our Pastor

Welcome to our parish. We are a community of young and old, St. Brigid’s, a vibrant school, and many revered elders. We are a parish with deep roots in our communities and with people new to the US and to Maine. We are a parish of adults working in the community and of those preparing for their future in studies at UNE, USM, and St. Joseph College.

Paul Sullivan SJ Pastor

We are a people of varied opinions and a commitment to grow in listening to and appreciating one another. In all we do, we seek to be grounded in the mission of Jesus, our brother and savior. As part of the Jesuit world-wide ministry, we strive to find God in all things and in all people, to learn to recognize and follow the Holy Spirit, to learn to appreciate the gifts God has given to each of us and to try to use them to help and serve others. We know we do not have all the answers, and we are not afraid to ask the questions as we journey together toward God’s dream for us and for the world. We welcome your ideas and questions.

Some people I know wrote words of welcome and hope. Let me share them with you as a way of expressing our welcome and hope:  …”so, come you who have much faith and you who have little, you who have been here often and you who have not been for a long time, or ever, you who have tried to follow, and you who have failed.  Come, not because it is I who invite you: it is our Lord. It is his will that those who want him should meet him here.”

I, my brother Jesuits and pastoral staff, can be reached through the Contact Us page, which we’ve linked here. We’d be happy to help you on your faith journey in all the ways we can.

Blessings and peace,

Fr Paul SJ

A Prayer of Blessing and Commitment to Welcome

God our protector, who in Christ befriended the poor, the marginalized, the suspected – and delighted in their company, as they did his – bless the hospitality of this community. Let there be inclusion for those who have been ignored, company for those who have known loneliness, and laughter for those who have only known too many tears.

Because the Kingdom of God is open to all, ours must be a community, a place, where all can feel safe and welcome.

Because the voice of God is beautiful and creative, the words we speak here must affirm, encourage, and enliven all who meet here.

Because God loves and values people, the relationships built and nurtured here must be rich in acceptance and appreciation.

Because God has created a world of plenty, this community must challenge inequality, serve the marginalized, and encourage reverence for creation.

Because Jesus spoke of abundant life and showed how it should be lived, may all who live and work here, and all who visit here, discover and show in word and action, the love, the justice and the joy, and God’s kingdom.


Fr. Paul S.J.

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