Our Lady of Hope Social Justice and Peace Ministry

The Our Lady of Hope Social Justice and Peace commission meets on the third Thursday of each month. During COVID 19, we meet by Zoom,
otherwise in person at St. Pius X Hall. If you are interested please email either Elizabeth Manning or Bill Slavick, co-chairs:

E-mail: Bill Slavick   Elizabeth Manning

OLH Becoming a (More) Welcoming Community

The next meeting/conversation about OLH becoming a more welcoming parish community to all, including the LGBTQ+ community will be held on Thursday July 8th. 7:00 PM at St. Pius X Hall. We will be meeting in person but if you desire to attend via zoom, please let the parish office know by noon on July 8th and we will send you the zoom link. By definition here, “all are welcome!”

Resources for Building a Bridge (These resources and links were collected and compiled at Xavier University, a Jesuit University in Cincinnati. They are included here to help our learning process. As noted below, inclusion here does not mean the parish (Bellarmine Chapel or OLH) endorses all the content or organizations listed.)

This list contains a variety of books, articles, church statements, and more that can help us all understand the contours of the relationship between the LGBTQ+ community and the Church, as well as the work that is being done to heal that relationship. We are sharing these resources because we believe they can be useful for dialogue and understanding… . Because of the breadth and depth of these resources, some links may contain content that could contradict current Catholic teaching. The parish does not endorse the positions of any of these organizations or resources.

Start Here
Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter Into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity by Father James Martin,SJ
Pride and Prejudice: A history of the relationship between LGBTQ Catholics and the Church by Elizabeth Lefebvre and Kristen Hannum from US Catholic (April 2018)
Lighthouse Resource Guide for LGBTQ Young Adults

Resources for LGBTQ+ Catholics
Coming Home to Catholicism and to Self - created by the Human Rights Campaign, this guide is aimed at LGBTQ American Catholics who hope to lead their faith communities toward a more welcoming stance, and those seeking a path back to their beloved tradition
• Vine & Fig - an affirming space for queer Catholics, it includes a private Slack group
• List of LGBTQ-friendly Catholic colleges and universities - includes Xavier University

Francis Revives the Workers’ Church

The Catholic Church in America—once an ally of workers and their unions—grew deferential to big money in recent decades. Now, prompted by the Pope, a new generation of labor priests and bishops is trying to change that. by John Gehring October 23, 2017 Here is a link to his important article Click Here for Link

The Social Justice & Peace Commission sent this letter to our Senators, as a follow up to our meeting in June as part of the Ignation Solidarity Network;s day of advocacy on migration issues:

Dear Senator,

We had an opportunity to meet with you and your staff to discuss immigration issues as part of Jesuit Parish Advocacy in June. We represented the social justice and peace commission from our Jesuit parish, Our Lady of Hope in Portland. During that productive meeting, we expressed concerns about the Trump administration’s immigration policies, particularly the treatment of DACA recipients, the effects of COVID on detainees and asylum-seekers, and the obstruction of the process for seeking asylum. Since that meeting, our concerns have only grown as deportations resumed and COVID has spread in detention centers.

The new administration is taking a number of steps to reverse these policies that we ask you to support. We are delighted by the executive actions to impose a moratorium on deportation and on the “return to Mexico” policy. We endorse the comprehensive overhaul of immigration proposed in the legislation released yesterday, including immediate green cards and a path to citizenships for DACA and TPS recipients and the longer-term path to citizenship for other undocumented immigrants. We applaud the plan to remove impediments to the family-based immigration system and the process for seeking asylum, and remained concerned about the children who were and remain separated from their families.

Again, we urge you to support these immigration reforms and thank you for listening to these concerns of ours.

Elizabeth Manning & Bill Slavick, Chairs

Social Justice& Peace Commission, Our Lady of Hope Parish Portland, ME

Our Lady of Hope 2020 Voter Guide (Complete Guide)
Click Here

Ignatian Solidarity Network – A Parish Journey for Racial Justice and Equity

Our Parish Council, Social Justice and Peace Ministry and parish staff members are preparing to participate in a zoom meeting this week with other Jesuit parish leaders on how to invite their faith community into reflection, conversation, prayer and action for racial justice and equity. The meeting is being sponsored by the Jesuit Provinces of the US and the Ignatian Solidarity Network. “We realize that all parishes, including those connected to the Jesuits, are in different places on this journey. Our hope for this virtual gathering is to bring together parishes that are in the beginning stages of this personal and communal work. We intend to bring together pastors, members of the pastoral council and parish justice leaders to participate in the conversation- a group that after further prayer and conversation could propose ways forward for the entire faith community.” On the call, participants will hear from 4 parishes about their ongoing racial justice work, engage in small group reflections, receive a toolkit and share ideas with other parish leaders.

Our Lady of Hope Parish Social Justice and Peace Ministry Active

Jesuit Parish Advocacy Day

One of the very positive results of our parish planning and discernment process has been the rebirth of our Social Justice and Peace Ministry. A group of parishioners has been meeting, in person and more recently, via ZOOM. One of the areas of focus has been the treatment of immigrants and refugees. The Ministry recently joined in a ZOOM meeting with members of other Jesuit-connected parishes around the country and participated in the Jesuit Parish Advocacy Day, a time when parish members meet with our Senators to urge action on immigration issues that reflects Catholic social teaching. The following is a report of that Advocacy Day experience. Click Here for Report


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