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Social Justice and Peace Commission

The Social Justice and Peace Commission (SJP) acts as a focal point for initiatives and activities at Our Lady of Hope – and beyond – that enhance the economic and social rights of all.

The SJP Mission is to give life to the social teachings of the Catholic Church that will inspire our parish community to participate in the building of a merciful society, one that follows Christ in loving one another and in respecting the human dignity of every person. We work toward this mission by coordinating opportunities for parishioners to fulfill our responsibility as a Catholic community: to address the moral challenges of our time in alignment with Catholic Social Teaching.

• Uphold the dignity of each person as an equally valuable member of the human family
• Embrace our rights and responsibilities to participate in public life
• Be in solidarity with people who are poor
• Bridge differences to work together for the common good
• Uniting with workers to build an economy that puts people, not profits, at the center
• Nurture the earth

Learn more at NETWORK https://networklobby.org/about/catholicsocialjustice/

Join Us!  We meet monthly (except July) by Zoom on the 3rd Thursday at 7 pm. Please contact the parish office to get connected to members of the SJP Commission, or email olhsjp@gmail.com and a member of the ministry will get right back to you.   Check out our recent blog post about about Caring for God’s Creation here.

The support of the parish continues to be critical to the success of the Commission’s initiatives. Thank you!

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