With Gratitude

Feb 7, 2023 | Faith in Action, News & Updates

The burst pipe at St. Pius at the end of 4:30 Mass on Feb 4th was a source of gratitude:

That no one was hurt, everyone remained calm at Mass. We were able to finish Mass.

That a group of very generous and knowledgeable parishioners immediately stepped forward to address the problem.

The water was shut off quite quickly and the immediate clean-up took about an hour, with many hands at work.

We were able to have a plumber on scene at 7:45 AM Sunday – this at a time when every plumber around was in emergency demand.

The 9:30 Sunday morning Mass was not affected.

That all of this occurred at precisely that time – when we were there to respond, not during the night. If that had been the case there would have been major damage.

So much gratitude.

In case of surprises at your home, do you know where:

The main water shut-off is?

The main electrical panel is located?

And, if you have it, the shut-off on your gas line?

Fr. Paul Sullivan, SJ

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