Social Justice and Peace: Doing Our Part to Save the Planet

Jan 21, 2024 | Ministries, Social Justice & Peace, Universal Apostolic Preferences

Members of the Social Justice and Peace Commission, a ministry of Our Lady of Hope, finds ways to share stories, along with content on relevant issues in our community – and world. One of the focus areas of these parish volunteers is Caring for Our Common Home – the planet. If you’re a frequent bulletin reader, you’ll recognize the graphic here, and even the message about “unplugging.”

Each month they offer an idea that puts Catholic Social Teaching to work in meaningful ways.

Sometimes those ideas are related to people’s well-being, sometimes to the environment. Most times there’s a connection between the two.

This month, they’ve been reading about the issue of homelessness, and the challenges and heartache that brings to people with no homes and the communities in which they find themselves. This article in Commonweal is one that they are reading and discussing currently. We invite you to read it as well, and join the conversation at their meeting in February, on the third Thursday at 7 pm in the Hall.

And, after you read it online, perhaps take a look at the devices (or charging cords) and small appliances you have plugged in at home when not in use. Unplugging saves energy and money. That’s good for everyone.

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