Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community – Pentecost

May 29, 2023 | Prayers of the Faithful

You will find the Prayers of the Faithful from this weekend’s Masses for Pentecost (May 27-28, 2023). We hope you find them helpful in your prayerful reflections this week.

Spirit of the living God, from Holy Wisdom brooding on the waters of creation in the beginning of all, to the Spirit with us now and enabling us to worship, you have been gently and powerfully at work in our history. Be with us now as we pray:

Inflame in us and in our church a passion for justice and equality, that we may know the cleansing of our prejudices and fears, proclaim your freedom boldly and care for our earth with humility. We pray to the Lord.

Spirit of wisdom be within us in our life’s journey as individuals, families, and church community, gently guiding us along right paths. We pray to the Lord

Spirit of gentleness, touch us anew, releasing in us all that we are afraid of: that we may know your acceptance of us and freely accept and embrace others. We pray to the Lord.

Spirit of power, hold us in our powerlessness: that we may know your strength and become a voice for the voiceless, healing for the wounded and empowerment for the weak. We pray to the Lord.

Spirit of life and hope, encircle and guide our young people who have received Confirmation and First Eucharist this day. Bless their parents and families. May the gifts of these sacraments lead them to life-long relationships with you, Jesus and the Father. Bless their teachers with the consolation of knowing that what they have done is valued and precious. We pray to the Lord.

Spirit of comfort, draw near to all who are grieving, suffering or in pain; in your graciousness bring hope, consolation, and healing. We pray to the Lord.

Spirit of life, bless with the fulness of life beyond this life, all our loved ones. At this liturgy we especially remember

4:30 PM  Alicia Coyne by Ken & Mary Pinkham

7:30 AM The People of the Parish both Living & Deceased

9:30 AM  Joanne Paquette by Venise & Dick Roy

5:00 PM Virginia Barra by Margaret Kane, Patty Kilmartin & Kathleen Joyce

We pray to the Lord

In the power of the Spirit we entrust these prayers to you, our loving God. Through your Spirit enable us to be identified as God’s people by our love and joy, our peace and patience, our kindness and generosity, our faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. May we shine as lights in the world to your glory.  Amen.

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