Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community – Good Shepherd Sunday

May 1, 2023 | Prayers of the Faithful

We provide these Prayers of the Faithful from the 4th Sunday of Easter —  Good Shepherd Sunday April 29-30, 2023 — for your own prayer life and reflections.

God, these Easter weeks we wonder at Jesus’ resurrection, at the hope you have given us. We remember the appearances Jesus made to those close to Him and we pray that our eyes may be open to His presence today. We pray:

We think of Mary, who loved you so much and took risks to be close to you. We name before you those we know to be in special need at this time – those who are sick, lonely and afraid…enfold them in your love and presence. Be close to them and to others not known to us…we pray to the Lord.

We think of Thomas with his questions. You recognized his need. We offer you our concerns for our world. Sometimes it is hard to see your presence in events that unfold. Comfort us and take away our doubt as we pray for reconciliation and hope in the world in which we live. We pray to the Lord.

We think of the women who went to your tomb, so sad and wanting to be near you. We offer ourselves and ask for your reassurance to help us reach out to the communities in which we live and work, that we will make a difference to other people’s lives by sharing all that you have given us; that, through grace, lives may be changed. We pray to the Lord.

We think of Matthew, Michael, Bo, and Jon, baptized, and confirmed in this parish at Easter. Bless them in their new lives. We think today of Tyler who will be baptized, confirmed, and receive Eucharist this weekend, and our children who will receive the sacraments next month. We pray to the Lord.

We think of one another and your hopes for us. Open our hearts to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that we may recognize your invitations to happiness as a “vocation” to the single or married life, consecrated life, societies of apostolic life, priesthood or the permanent diaconate, other ways of serving our communities. We pray especially for vocations to the Society of Jesus. We pray to the Lord.

You ask us to think of the Risen Christ as a place of safety, of refuge, and protection against all that would hurt us. You ask us to follow Him in a way of living that will be life-giving for us and for the world. Help us to follow. We pray to the Lord.

As we do each week we think of our loved ones and entrust them to your care. At this liturgy we especially remember

4:30 PM Marquita Guinoo by her Daughter Ricamor & the Guinoo Family

7:30 AM Raymond Thibodeau, Sr. by Jean & Family

9:30 AM  Caroline Ridge by Terry Goodwin

5:00 PM The People of the Parish both Living & Deceased

We pray to the Lord.

Jesus is our shepherd, our brother, our friend and savior. Help us to trust Him to lead us through the green pastures of life and through its dark valleys, too, bringing us safely home at the last. Amen

Prayers from “Eastertide Prayers of Intercession” Fire and Bread. Ruth Burgess. Ed.

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