Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community – Ascension Day

May 18, 2023 | Prayers of the Faithful

We offer these Prayers of the Faithful for Ascension Day, Thursday, May 18, 2023

On this day we affirm that Jesus has not gone away from us, but is closer to us than ever. In Jesus’ name let us pray for our needs and the needs of all people.

That the compassion of Jesus, will fill the leaders of our church and our world with concern for others, with mercy and a desire to do all they can to welcome and heal those who are hurting, confused, or in need, we pray to the Lord.

That the Spirit, who is an enemy of apathy, will fill us with her energy and a desire to share the Good News of God’s unlimited love with our neighbors and in our community, we pray to the Lord.

For women and men who are using the gifts of the Spirit given them in their service in government, in business and in the helping professions, we pray to the Lord.

For people, for congregations and organizations quietly working to welcome refugees and asylum-seekers; for those seeking to find ways to feed the hungry of our community and world, for Christian teachers, parents and youth workers using their gifts to celebrate the Kingdom among the young, we pray to the Lord.

For one another that we, through the nudge of the Spirit in the silence of our hearts and through words of encouragement and invitation from one another might discover or rediscover the gifts God’s Spirit has given us and that we might find ways to use them to benefit our community, we pray to the Lord.

For our loved ones and others who have walked the path of this life and are now with God. May they now see, face-to-face, what is promised to us all. At this liturgy we especially entrust to you:

Vigil 5:30 PM Sharon Ives Fournier by Kathleen O’Connell

Vigil 7:00 PM People of the Parish both Living & Deceased

THURS: 9:00 AM Helen Polito by Mary & Jim

We pray to the Lord

We place in your hands and heart these people and others we hold in our hearts. Give to us, O God, a vision of your kingdom, a glimpse of your glory, an openness to your rule, and your spirit to guide us. Hear us, we pray, through Christ, the risen and ascended one. Amen.

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