Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community – 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Feb 11, 2024 | Prayers of the Faithful

We share these Prayers of the Faithful from the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time  (Feb 10-11, 2024), the last weekend before Lent begins. May they be helpful to you in your prayerful reflections this week:

O God, you created this world to give it your love and companionship. You long that all should know your care and in you find welcome and blessing. We pray for your love today.

In the ancient world where there was no cure, people with certain diseases and conditions were sent away from the community. Today’s Gospel shows us that Jesus has the power to heal and to reunite. Help us to think and act with His spirit today and welcome the lost, the exiled, the feared and unwanted into our community of love. In that way Jesus’ healing continues. We pray to the Lord.

On Valentine’s Day we spend money on flowers and candy, but behind it all is our love for people who are special to us. Let us affirm, support, and bless all people who live their lives in committed love. We pray to the Lord.

God, you give us words to speak and the ability to be silent. God of justice keep us silent when the only words we have are ones of judgment, exclusion, or prejudice. God of power keep us silent so that we may listen respectfully to the other person’s pain without trying to fade or fic it. God of love, give us words of welcome, acceptance, and renewal so that when we speak our words come from you. We pray to the Lord.

Lord, it is possible that some of us may have been taught or believe that something about ourselves is unacceptable or shameful, that we are, secretly, lepers. That thought burdens us and maybe separates us from others. Show us the way to self-acceptance that we might be thankful for the gift of your life and love to each of us. Touch us with our loving and joyful spirit. We pray to the Lord.

Grant a spirit of wisdom, honesty, and compassion to our leaders and those who would be leaders. Help them and us to stop building ourselves up by pulling someone else down. We pray to the Lord.

You promise healing of all that harms and a welcome beyond our ability to measure to those who seek you and try to live lives of goodness in this life. Bless our loved ones and help us to know they are blessed. At this liturgy we especially remember:

4:30 PM Anna Paolilli by Paulette Tidd

7:30 AM For the People of the Parish both Living & Deceased

9:30 AM Annie Bourke by Kathleen O’Connell

5:00 PM Elsie Slater by Pauline Pinkos

We pray to the Lord.

Accept these prayers and those held in our hearts as signs of our desire to live in your Spirit. Ask that in joy or sorrow, in hurt or healing, we may come before you as your daughters and sons, in the sure knowledge of your love for us. Amen.

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