Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community: 3rd Sunday of Easter

May 2, 2022 | Prayers of the Faithful

Each week, we’ll share the Prayers of the Faithful from the weekend. You may find this a helpful way to guide your own reflections and prayers. Below you’ll find the Prayers of the Faithful from the 3rd Sunday of Easter, May 1, 2022:
God, the gift of your Spirit enabled Peter, John, and the disciples to speak bravely about your Risen Son. Help us to witness too, in our prayers and in the way we live. We pray now:

For the church in this place and everyplace, that we be freed from our fears of the future and our resistance to change, that we, like Peter, may trust and try something new, things we may never have done before. Let us live in the joy of Christ’s resurrection, we pray to the Lord.

God, raise up leaders for us here and worldwide that will stop telling us to fear and distrust one another but instead welcome all and help people who are truly struggling, and who will embrace the need to respond to climate change, we pray to the Lord.

Like Peter, may we as individuals and a church be willing to offer what we can and how we can and let the Lord lead us to even greater offering. Let is not be paralyzed because we cannot see how even our little can make a big difference, we pray to the Lord.

God we cannot hear your words of peace and forget the world at war, or preparing for war. Show us how to turn weapons into welcome signs, and the quest for power and domination into a desire for peace and justice, we pray to the Lord.

God, inspire women and men to step forward to serve on our Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils. May the Holy Spirit guide our choice of new members for the coming year, we pray to the Lord.

Bless, Lord, those who made the news today because of something they have done or said, those who have been brought to our attention through a meeting or conversation, those who are in hospital or a place which is strange to them, those in whose family, marriage, or close relationship there is stress or a break-up, those who are waiting for a birth or a death or news which will affect their lives, we pray to the Lord.

That those who have died may now be living the fullness of the resurrection. At this liturgy we especially remember:
4:30 PM – The Cribby & Sears Families
7:00 AM – For the People of the Parish both Living & Deceased
8:00 AM – Raymond Thibodeau, Sr.
9:00 AM – Alice Lander
10:00 AM – Jody Rafferty Nappi
5:00 PM – Richard Carter, Jr.
We pray to the Lord.

We entrust these needs and people to your care, God. Help us to see how we, like Peter, are called to feed your sheep, to care for our sisters and brothers. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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