Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community – 3rd Sunday of Advent

Dec 12, 2022 | Prayers of the Faithful

These Prayers of the Faithful from the weekend of the 3rd Sunday of Advent, December 10-11, 2022, are posted as a means of continued reflection as we go about our week. We hope they are helpful to you.
On this third Sunday of Advent, God, the prophets speak words of hope and healing. Grant us the gift to trust in the reality of those promises for ourselves, the world and those for whom we pray today.

Bless and inspire Pope Francis. May his hope that the church be a community of welcome and mercy be true on our parish and around the world, we pray to the Lord.

For musicians, artists, performers, writers, poets and all whose gifts of creativity brighten this season and carry us to experiences of joy, reflection, even change of heart. We pray to the Lord.

For this assembly of your people, God, that the words of hope we hear this week will make us a source of spiritual joy for each other and all who join us. We pray especially that all find a welcome here, all races, all backgrounds and cultures, single, married, divorced, gay or straight, we pray to the Lord.

That our governments will find the will to hold large corporations responsible for the changes necessary to address climate change and ensure the survival of the human race on this planet. We pray to the Lord.

Your words say that change is always possible. We recognize that we belong to the broken body of Christ, that we do not live up to God’s dream for us; that our lives are touched by the sin of others and that our sin touches their lives. Grant us the vision to see where we need to change ourselves and the desire to work for change in our world. We pray to the Lord.

Today we pray that your words of promise have already been accomplished for all our deceased loved ones. At this liturgy we especially place before you:
4:30 PM Rev. Stephen Concannon by John & Eileen Munroe
7:30 AM Leon Moreland by Rita & Rob Travis
9:30 AM For the People of the Parish both Living & Deceased
5:00 PM  Leon Moreland by Teresa Regan We pray to the Lord

Lord God, you have promised to renew all creation: the world of nature and thew world of the spirit. Answer our prayers for enduring joy and gladness in Christ Jesus, for he is near us now, and will be with us I the world to come. Amen.


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