Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community – 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jan 21, 2024 | Prayers of the Faithful

We share these Prayers of the Faithful from the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jan 20-21, 2024, with the hope that they are helpful to you in your own reflection and prayer throughout this week.

Loving God, you call us to live in awareness of your great mercy; mercy towards us and towards all people. We pray:

This week we are asked to pray for the unborn. As we remember them, let us also remember your desire and command to defend the sanctity of all human lives: the refugees and homeless, neglected elderly, those in our prison system, those lives endangered by war and violence. All are included in your love. May we include all in our care as well. We pray to the Lord.

We conclude a week of prayer for Christian unity this week. Inspire us to practice unity within our church, by accepting those whose opinions we may not share. In practical action and cooperation let us build unity with our sister Christian churches in our own community and around the world. We pray to the Lord.

Grant us the wisdom and courage to challenge racism, prejudice, antisemitism, and all forms of prejudice when we encounter them, for they are counter to your holy will. We pray to the Lord.

For our neighbors and friends who have suffered loss of homes, businesses, and other property damage in the recent storms. May these spark our energy and imagination in planning for life in these more dangerous conditions and find ways to decrease climate change. We pray to the Lord.

Today, as we do whenever we meet, we ask your blessing, good and gracious God on our relatives, friends, neighbors who have died. We pray that they be safe with you. At this liturgy we remember:

4:30 PM All the People of the Parish both Living & Deceased

7:30 AM Paul Richard Barbera by the Bolduc Family

9:30 AM Stella M. Sorrells by Maxine Hight

5:00 PM Tom Bucci by Sandy Kress

We pray to the Lord

Covenant God, whose mission is to reconcile and whose gift is peace, teach us to prefer creation to destruction, redemption to condemnation, freedom to retaliation, that in turning away from sinful division, we may follow the path to new life and renewed community. Bless us as we seek to fulfill your will and desire to draw all things into unity with you. Amen

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