Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community – 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Oct 23, 2023 | Prayers of the Faithful

We offer these Prayers of the Faithful from the weekend (October 21 and 22) of the 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time with the desire that they are helpful in your prayerful reflections this week.  Let us all continue to pray for peace.

Lord, we pray for light, when wrong dresses up as right, when words are meant to trap and deceive and not speak truth. Give us light to know and do and speak what is true and just. We pray today:

For a willingness to give of our time, skills, gifts and, taxes for the well-being of our neighbors and the care of the most vulnerable. We pray to the Lord.

For those who govern our communities and nation, that they hold themselves accountable to us and use their position and the money we provide in ways that are honorable and just, we pray to the Lord.

The Roman Ceasars were held to be gods. Let us not make into gods people, ideas, habits, possessions that are not god but would take from us the time, energy, investment that belong only to God. We pray to the Lord.

We continue to pray for those meeting in the Synod in Rome this month, for the guidance of the Spirit in all things. For all people of faith, we pray to the Lord.

For an end to war and violence in Gaza, and all the other places of suffering. That good people everywhere affirm that terrorism is never the answer. Inspire us, Lord, to take an active role in calling for peace and withholding our support from people or organizations that promote war and terrorism. For innocent victims. We pray to the Lord.

We pray that our loved ones who have gone before us may now be held in your light. At this liturgy we especially remember:

4:30 PM  The People of the Parish both Living & Deceased

7:30 AM Ida Thibodeau by Jean & Family

9:30 AM  Franz, Cecilia & Martin Strobl by Frank Paul

5:00 PM David Wallace by Kathleen Casasa & Terry Blouin

We pray to the Lord.

Receive these prayers and those we hold in our hearts. Help us, Holy One, to hear you in the words of scripture and to recognize you in the voices of the world. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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