Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Oct 16, 2023 | Prayers of the Faithful

We share these Prayers of the Faithful from the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Oct 14-15, 2023) so that they may be helpful in prayer and reflections throughout the week.

God, you call us to a lives of goodness and hope, a feast to which all are welcomed. Yet there are many other voices and invitations in our lives, competing for our time. Help is to hear and accept yours.

That your church and our parish be communities where all are welcomed and loved. Help us to see those we often do not notice and hear those whose voices are strange to us. We pray to the Lord.

We pray that your Holy Spirit guide the deliberations of the men and women meeting now in Rome at the Church Synod. May they listen carefully and respond courageously to that guidance. May we not be led astray by voices that do not believe Synod is of God’s inspiration. We pray to the Lord.

Through our own parish prayer gathering for the Synod earlier this month, we are led to pray that you give us the wisdom, courage and care for others that we might help them to know their giftedness and that we might welcome their gifts, we pray to the Lord.

For an end to war in Palestine and Israel, the Ukraine and other places of violence and destruction. For the poor and innocent people who are suffering and dying in these places. We pray to the Lord.

This week we honor St. Luke, who was a doctor. We pray for all in medical and health care ministries. We pray that proper health care be available and affordable to everyone. We pray to the Lord.

Today we ask that our relatives and friends who have died might be enjoying the joys of heaven. We especially commend to your love:

4:30 PM Deceased Members of Julie & Rosaire Dostie’s Family by The Family

7:30 AM The People of the Parish both Living & Deceased

9:30 AM Michael & William Jennings by Family

5:00 PM Marjorie Lenois by Natalie Baltos

We pray to the Lord.

God of all, we offer you these prayers and ourselves today. With Mother Teresa we pray: make us worthy O Lord, to serve the men and women throughout the world who live and die in poverty and hunger. Give them, through our hands, this day their daily bread, and by our understanding and love, give peace and joy. Amen.

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