Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community – 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Oct 3, 2022 | Prayers of the Faithful

We post these Prayers of the Faithful each week with the hope that they are helpful in your own reflection and conversations with God. These prayers are from the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Oct 2-3, 2022.

Thousands of years ago you urged Habakkuk to trust in the power of the vision, the promises you make to humanity. We seek to trust today, too, and so we pray

That our Church, our parish, our faith leaders proclaim and live the promise of healing, hope, welcome, and reconciliation to all God’s people, we pray to the Lord.

That those who are oppressed in our world not lose hope, and that people of good heart and good faith give them reason to hope by our actions, we pray to the Lord.

That those who carry heavy burdens of illness of mind, body or spirit, be held in God’s love, a love that is made visible through our words and actions, we pray to the Lord.

For prisoners and offenders, that they know they are loved. That our prisons and correctional systems see themselves as places of healing and re-entry to society, and not only punishment. Blessings of strength and compassion to those who staff our correctional facilities, we pray to the Lord.

For those who are struggling because of higher prices and those who are afraid, thinking of how they will heat their homes this winter. For social policies and assistance for those who struggle, we pray to the Lord.

For those whose journey in this life is now complete, that they be welcomed to the table with God’s embrace and love. At this liturgy we especially remember:

4:30 PM Deceased Members of the Aceto Family by The Family

7:30 AM Patricia Minervino by Margaret DeSarno

9:30 AM Franz, Cecilia & Martin Strobl by Frank Paul

5:00 PM  For the people of the Parish both Living & Deceased

We pray to the Lord.

God, accept these intentions and those we hold silently. We ask, too, that you stir up the gift of the Spirit you have given us in Baptism, confirmation and Eucharist that we may more fully trust in your promises and live lives that invite others into your community of love.  Amen.

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