Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community – 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jun 19, 2023 | Prayers of the Faithful

We share these Prayers of the Faithful her for the 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time (June 17-18, 2023) for your consideration and prayerful reflection this week.

God, as we move beyond the big feasts of Easter and Pentecost into the ordinary days of summer help us to notice your gifts of love and encouragement. Help us to notice how it is we can love and encourage our brothers and sisters. For this and for the other things we bring to you today, we pray:

That Jesus’ love for all people and his special care for those who struggle and are labeled unworthy or unfit by others may be present in our world by what the church, and we as Jesus’ friends, do and say. We pray to the Lord.

We so often pray “your kingdom come.” We can make it happen, maybe only in little steps, but we can do it by caring, by enjoying life, by being fair to each other, by smiling at those around us, by calling out injustice when we see it, by trying to see each other with the love that you, God, feel for each of us. We ask the help of the Holy Spirit, that we may we do these things. We pray to the Lord.

For the homeless and hungry in our city and world. Inspire us to help. Give us the wisdom and the courage to see how to better use our food, our resources so that all can be fed and housed, we pray to the Lord.

In this season of growth, we pray for farmers and those who raise and harvest crops and raise food animals, for those who fish. May we do these things in ways that protect our earth. We pray to the Lord.

For our neighbors in Canada in this season of fires and those in other parts of the world where climate change is making life difficult and dangerous. We pray to the Lord.

For the sick. May the skill and care of medical professionals be for them hope and an experience of your love. That our health care system be better able to meet the needs of all of us, we pray to the Lord.

On this Father’s Day weekend, we pray for the fathers and grandfathers among us and those who have given fatherly care. God be near to them in their needs, give them courage, wisdom, and compassion. Bless those who have died with the fullness of life. We pray to the Lord.

For all who have died, may they now experience all that you promise for us. At this liturgy we especially commend to your love:

4:30 PM  The People of the Parish both Living & Deceased

7:30 AM Valerie Ingalls McKague by Mom & Family

9:30 AM Michael & William Jennings by Family

5:00 PM James C. Driscoll, III by Paulette Tidd

We pray to the Lord

We offer you these prayers and those of our hearts. If you choose, Lord, you could wipe out the poverty in our land, end the suffering of children and women, destroy all weapons, and bring a reign of peace in our world. As we pray here and receive the Body and Blood of Christ, help us to remember that you have chosen to do all these things, through us. We pray in Christ’s name. Amen.

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