Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community – 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jun 17, 2024 | Prayers of the Faithful

Prayers of the Faithful for the 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time (June 16-17, 2024)

God of all life and creation, in the busy-ness of our lives, and echoes of so much pain and struggle in our world, sometimes we find it hard to see Your presence. Grant us eyes that can see and hearts that can experience that you truly are with us. In this hope we come together to pray.

Continue to bless Pope Francis and our church leaders with the gifts of courage, compassion and vision. Speak to the hearts of our civil leaders or would-be leaders, the responsibility they bear to lead with honesty and with a commitment to the common good of people and the care of our world. We pray to the Lord.

This is a season of beginnings and choices: graduations, weddings, ordinations. Bless the future for those who are entering a new phase of their lives. We pray to the Lord.

This weekend we celebrate Father’s Day. We pray that those who have become biological fathers will also be spiritual fathers, leading and guiding their children in ways of goodness, and love:
We pray for those who are not biological fathers but who serve as mentors, guides and trusted people in the lives of others.
Bless our fathers who have died with the fullness of life and peace.
Bless our hearts, minds and memories with gratitude for the good we have received and healing where the relationship with a father has been difficult or painful. We pray to the Lord.

Grant us the ability to know your gifts, God, in the small and ordinary things of life – and also in the surprises when things don’t turn out that way we had planned, we pray to the Lord.

We earnestly pray for peace in all the troubled places in our world. In Ukraine, Gaza and Israel, the Sudan and the other 15 countries this year which have suffered at least 1,000 deaths due to war. Our country tops the world with $750 Billion in military spending each year. China and Russia combine for $285 Billion. Grant us the ability to reflect on that reality. We pray to the Lord.

God grant safety to all connected to Pride activities this weekend and mutual respect where people may disagree. We pray to the Lord.

We believe that all the threads of our lives are brought together by you, God, in eternal life. Bless our loved ones with these gifts of healing and life. At this liturgy we especially remember:

4:30 PM Connie Keeley by The Women’s Fellowship

7:30 AM Kathy Regan by Rita McDonough & Family

9:30 AM Richard Dillihunt by John & Eileen Fox

5:00 PM The People of the Parish, both Living & Deceased

We pray to the Lord

We place these prayers and those we speak in our hearts in your care, God of love. Give us the gift of trust in your lasting love, patience toward all that is unsolved in our hearts and a willingness to embrace the questions themselves. Help us to live the lives you give us. We make these prayers through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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