Pope Francis wants to know your hopes and dreams…..

Feb 28, 2022 | News & Updates, Synod

The Pope has asked all members of the church (active and those who are no longer or not regularly present, those on the “edges”) to let him know what our hopes and dreams for the church are – 5 – 10-20 years from now. This information will then be made available to a worldwide meeting of the Bishops in 2023.

We have a way in which we can do this, a prayerful listening to us share what we really hope. A session will last 45-minutes – one hour. We’ve tried it out a few times, and it has been a very good experience each time. We now want to invite as many members of our community to join in, Come and join us at one of the following times:

  • Monday January 31st 7:00 PM at St. Pius X Hall (in-person)
  • Tuesday February 1st 7:00 PM – zoom only. Please request a zoom link from the Parish Office by noon on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday February 2nd – 9:45 AM (following the 9:00 AM Mass) – at the St. Pius X Hall in-person.
  • Saturday February 5th – 3:00 PM at St. Pius X Hall. In-person and by ZOOM. Request a zoom link from the Parish Office by Noon on Friday.

Since this process is all about prayerfully listening to one another, it is best done in a group. However, if that is not possible for you, then a set of simple directions on how you can do it yourself is available at church, in the parish office and online. Please share this with your family and friends who may no longer be so involved in church. The Pope really does want to hear from all of us!!

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