Mission Co-Op Weekend

Jun 29, 2023 | Faith in Action, Universal Apostolic Preferences

Each year every parish in Maine hosts a visiting missionary. This is both a way for us to learn more of the Church’s presence and mission around the world and for us to support that work by our prayers and financial contributions. This year our parish is hosting a representative of the African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC). .

As ASEC writes on their website: “While Africa is a continent of vast potential, it faces serious obstacles of poverty, chronic hunger, disease, ecological degradation and violence.  Catholic sisters are a strong force in addressing Africa’s challenges head-on and creating hope for a bright future.”  Education and further credentials in areas of community need in many countries in Africa help the sisters strengthen the Church from within while accompanying individuals and families who live in extreme poverty.

Sr. Nancy will be with us the weekend of July 8-9th. We offer her a warm welcome!

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