Living the Gospel Message Here and Now

Apr 18, 2023 | Faith in Action, Social Justice & Peace

A Message from the Social Justice and Peace Commission Members:

“In Maine, where life is as it should be (according to our state’s welcome sign), and in Portland, it is not only sad and shameful to see a neo-Nazi rally, but also dangerous. Fortunately, no extremely serious harm was done by a masked neo-Nazi on April 1. However, the racist message of white supremacy and virulent antisemitism has long lasting effects.

Since the rally also congregated at the Immigrant Welcome Center, it is clear that they aim also at our immigrant community members. Most are here because they fled misery and persecution in their homeland. So many have found safe refuge here and have made contributions valuable to Portland as teachers, store owners, health care workers, house cleaners, spiritual advisors, translators, and interpreters, just to name a few. They would not be here if neo-Nazis had had their way.

Living the Gospel Message

Respect for free speech is more than allowing its free expression, it means vigilance and acceptance of the stranger in our midst whom we welcome in the Gospel spirit of love, now more than ever at this joyful time of the Resurrection.”

Additional Context

On Palm Sunday Weekend, ahead of Easter and Passover, a group that espouses racism, antisemitism, and intolerance held a rally in Portland.  Their message is the opposite of Catholic Social Teaching.

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