Invitation to Lenten Theological Reflection

Apr 11, 2022 | Jesuits, Lent, Spiritual Life

Prayer. Fasting. Almsgiving. These three actions call us each Lent as we contemplate our personal Lenten practices and commitments. As a parish, we had opportunities to broaden our experience and deepen our faith through prayer, reflection, and activities.  On the Sunday before Lent, Jesus told us (through the Gospel of Luke 6:44) that “every tree is known by its fruit.”

In our Synodal listening sessions, many parishioners expressed the hope and desire for connection with one another. One way we can experience this connection is by sharing the fruit of our religious practices with one another. Please consider sharing the fruit of your own Lenten journey with us by answering the questions below – send us an email, drop a note in the collection basket, or mail your responses. We’d like to gather responses by April 25th, so that we might share them (anonymously) – and grow together.

What was your Lenten practice?

How did this practice help you to know yourself; God; or others better?

We’re grateful for your participation and look forward to sharing the fruits of our Lenten practices with each other – and grow together. Thanks for participating. 
Fr. Brian Conley, SJ

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