Gun Safety Awareness Sabbath: February 16-18

Feb 17, 2024 | Faith in Action, Social Justice & Peace

This weekend many faith communities are participating in a “Gun Safety Awareness Sabbath,” praying in unity for safety from gun violence for our families, communities, and state.  Psalm 34:14 reminds us to” seek peace and pursue it.”

Statistics show that the rate of gun deaths in Maine grew by 20% in the last decade. It is an issue in all parts of our state. Death by suicide using a gun grew by 27%. Let us learn more – learn how we as individuals and a parish can make a difference, saving lives.

Members of our Social Justice and Peace Commission have shared information regarding groups in Maine who are working together in this regard. You can learn more online at the website of Maine Gun Safety Coalition.

Let us continue to pray — and put our faith in action.

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