Go Green For Lent 2024

Feb 2, 2024 | Environment, Lent, Social Justice & Peace

Join Our Lady of Hope’s Social Justice and Peace Commission, the Jesuit Community and other parishioners in taking environmentally friendly actions as our Lenten practice this year. Consider choosing one of these actions as your Lenten practice this year:

No TV (or streaming) one or more nights during Lent.
Give up one or more single use plastics – e.g. water bottle, straws, cutlery…
Walk or Bike for trips less than 2 miles.
Eat leftovers 1 night a week
Compost Food Waste (Garbage to Garden)
Conserve water by not letting water run while brushing teeth, shaving, or soaping up during a shower.
Eat vegetarian for 2 nights each week (meat & dairy are a huge source of greenhouse gasses!).
Give up purchases in one or more categories (e.g. electronics, books, clothes, shoes…)
Declutter one spot each day during Lent and donate items to charity.
Pray: Do Earthbeat’s Lenten Daily Food Reflection

Increase Awareness of Injustice in Our Society: Suggested Resources.

Commit to taking one or more of these actions and place a green dot in space to the right of the actions on the poster you’ll find when you go to Mass.  This way you can help to make this a community event! Already taking some of these environmentally friendly actions – let us know by placing a green dot and THANKS for your care for the Our Common Home and each other!!

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