Celebrating Summer, Nature, and Our Common Home – Part 2

Sep 1, 2023 | Environment, Family Fun, Spiritual Life, Universal Apostolic Preferences

Back in July we wrote about the moving film, The Letter, and how it served as a call to action in many ways. Particularly, at the start of summer in Maine, we were called to notice God’s beautiful creation all around us. That sparked an idea. We invited parishioners – and friends – to make photos of places and activities where they felt God’s presence. You can read more in our July 7th post!

Congratulations to Jim and Mary, who’s names were pulled from a hat for the gift card. They submitted photos of a delicious meatless meal – and the recipe. Pictured here is a photo from Jon that brings a smile to fans of listening to baseball at camp.

If you are on Facebook, we’ve shared all the photos there.  Really — watch The Letter!! It will move you to action.  And, keep noticing the beauty of – and our responsibility to care for – God’s creation.

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