Celebrating Summer and Our Common Home

Jul 7, 2023 | Environment, Family Fun, Universal Apostolic Preferences

Kick-off summer by watching The Letter in the comfort of your own home! That’s right, the film is available on YouTube. Whether you watch from your tablet or laptop or smart TV, you’ll want to settle in for this film. The stories are beautifully told with amazing cinematography. We’ve watched it solo and in groups, and like many beautiful films there’s an added experience of watching with others. Through our group showings in the parish hall, a combined audience of nearly 40 people felt the power of the stories – and the calls to action, some suggested by each audience.

So, we decided to take the message of caring for God’s creation into our summer activities intentionally.  To pay attention to the movements in our hearts when we are spending time outdoors.  And to add some added fun, we thought some photos would be fun to add to the mix – specifically, your photos!!  To encourage participation, we’ll have a gift card that will be drawn among all entrants.
We live in a beautiful place!

One way to celebrate that is with a bit of fun this summer. So, let’s snap some action photos (with those phones or cameras) of our care for God’s creation:
– working in the garden
– doing a good deed for someone
– a snapshot of a beautiful place in Maine you’ve visited
– a photo of where you’ve found God in nature
– even a photo of you watching The Letter 
– photo of you recycling
– photo of a meatless meal (extra points for the recipe, too)

Create your own ideas!!

Email photos to ourladyofhope@portlanddiocese.org If you play at all track what you’ve done. You can drop off at the office, put in the collection basket or by mail by August 20th. Be sure your name and contact info is there. We’ll draw from all submissions for a $100 LL Bean gift card at noon on August 22, 2023.

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