Extending Gratitude and Welcome

Extending Gratitude and Welcome

Extending Gratitude and Welcome

Our Parish Pastoral Council is an important ministry of leadership and discernment — “seeking God’s Spirit” — in our community of faith. Typically, individuals serve for a three-year term and then rotate off. This year four members have rotated off the Council. Much gratitude goes to outgoing Council members Dermot Bostock, Kathy Eliscu, Estelle Lavoie, and Peter Rickett for their faith-filled service.

Paying attention to the movements of the Holy Spirit

During the weekend Masses of the Easter season, we have been praying for men and women to step forward with willingness to serve our parish as member of the Council. While we prayed for four individuals to hear and answer the call, we were delighted that six men and women took action. Four names were drawn by individuals participating in one of the daily Masses after Pentecost. And, with further reflection, we realized that the size of the Council could accommodate all six of the candidates!

Giving thanks

So, we celebrate the spirit of the council — their energy and enthusiasm for our ministries and the opportunities for growth that are known and, as yet, unknown to us. New members are:

Megan Arguelles
Cynthia Murray-Beliveau
Bryan Green
Richard Niles
Terry O’Brien
Cathy Roak

They join Scott Dalton, Tonya Heskett, James McCarthy, Jesse Senore, Paul Tyson, and Karen Welch. Led by Fr. Paul, working together and with staff, they offer their skills, talents, and hearts. Together we continue strive evermore earnestly to live the Gospel Message. AMDG.

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