Pastoral Office MOVE

Pastoral Office MOVE

Pastoral Office MOVE

We are moving our offices to 492 Ocean Avenue beginning Monday, March 13th.

As a result, we’re closed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (March 8-10) so that we can pack up our offices for the movers (thank goodness the professionals are taking the heavy office furniture) and then unpack on Friday, so that we’re ready to go on Monday! If you’ve ever moved, you understand the undertaking that this is!

Our phone number and email addresses remain the same, as do our office hours.

Together with the Pastoral and Finance Councils, we are making this move as one step to reduce overhead expenses. We are looking forward to continuing to enhance and expand our parish ministry.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Job Opening – Sexton

Job Opening – Sexton

Job Opening – Sexton

Can you help us get the word out?

We have an hourly full-time opening (40 hours plus benefits) for a person who can perform routine parish maintenance, custodial and some event set-up duties. Typically, the work schedule is during weekday business hours. During the winter, though, there are exceptions due to need to keep walkways safe on weekends after storms. While the plowing contractor takes care of the bigger items, some clearing and sanding can be necessary, so adjustments are made to the schedule.

The sexton supports all parish buildings on our two campuses (Stevens Ave and Ocean Ave), so having a vehicle with valid driver’s license is required. To apply with a resume or request a job description contact, with Sexton in the subject line.

Psst…The perks of the job include pretty delicious monthly lunches after staff meetings and excellent co-workers!!

With Gratitude

With Gratitude

With Gratitude

The burst pipe at St. Pius at the end of 4:30 Mass on Feb 4th was a source of gratitude:

That no one was hurt, everyone remained calm at Mass. We were able to finish Mass.

That a group of very generous and knowledgeable parishioners immediately stepped forward to address the problem.

The water was shut off quite quickly and the immediate clean-up took about an hour, with many hands at work.

We were able to have a plumber on scene at 7:45 AM Sunday – this at a time when every plumber around was in emergency demand.

The 9:30 Sunday morning Mass was not affected.

That all of this occurred at precisely that time – when we were there to respond, not during the night. If that had been the case there would have been major damage.

So much gratitude.

In case of surprises at your home, do you know where:

The main water shut-off is?

The main electrical panel is located?

And, if you have it, the shut-off on your gas line?

Fr. Paul Sullivan, SJ

St. Joseph’s Masses Move to Gym at St. Brigid School

St. Joseph’s Masses Move to Gym at St. Brigid School

St. Joseph’s Masses Move to Gym at St. Brigid School

We are moving the 7:30 am and 5:00 pm Sunday Masses from St. Joseph Church to the Craig & Dolly Foster Gymnasium at St. Brigid School for the winter beginning on January 8th. 

These winter quarters are possible because of the beautiful response from parishioners. Many thanks to the Spirit-filled parishioners who have volunteered to set up folding chairs on Saturday afternoons in the gym. The schedule is full and folks have been notified of their assignments – as well as given contact information for alternates, should their availability change.

Upon the advice of the Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils, we are making this move because the parish continues to fall short of funds needed to cover day-to-day operations. The increase in fuel costs have made this problem more urgent — St. Joseph Church consumes an inordinate amount of fuel and is still not warm for Mass. So, we compromise with this solution.

All other liturgical services will be held at St. Pius X during this time frame.

We plan to return to St. Joseph Church for Mass beginning on Easter Weekend (April 8-9). Though it will still be chilly, the worst of the winter low temperatures will be behind us when we return for The Great Easter Vigil.

We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support of our ministries.

Society of Jesus Statement on Supreme Court Decision

Society of Jesus Statement on Supreme Court Decision

Society of Jesus Statement on Supreme Court Decision

Society of Jesus in the United States Welcomes Overruling of Roe v. Wade
June 24, 2022

The Society of Jesus in the United States welcomes the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Roe v. Wade. Abortion is a massive injustice in our society, and today’s ruling is a critical step toward the legal protection of all unborn children. As we wrote in our 2018 pro-life statement Protecting the Least Among Us, “The most fundamental building block of a just social order is respect for human life. Until men and women individually and collectively make a profound commitment to the value and dignity of all human life, we will never find the true peace, justice and reconciliation God desires for us.”

We also affirm our belief that building what Saint John Paul II called a “culture of life” requires a stronger social safety net than our country has today. To be truly pro-life, we must support all women, expectant parents and their children by advocating for policies like universal health care, paid parental leave and a more equitable distribution of our country’s abundant resources.

We approach this topic as pastors, scholars, social activists and educators. No part of our ministry is removed from the essential work of promoting and protecting the dignity of every child of God. We pray that the Lord might continue to inspire our efforts and to help us always see the face of Christ revealed in each person, both before their birth and after it.

This statement is published by the Jesuits, on their website . We have reprinted it here in full.


Finance and Pastoral Councils’ Update to Parish

Finance and Pastoral Councils’ Update to Parish

Finance and Pastoral Councils’ Update to Parish

“At a recent joint meeting of our Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils we reviewed a report on the status of the parish. At the Masses during Pentecost weekend, we are sharing these updates with you in person, and then through other communication channels during the week.

Our parish weathered Covid because of YOU … the wonderful faith and commitment of our parishioners. You stayed connected and even sent in your support when you couldn’t be at Mass in person. You continued to be a vital part our parish community.
Many, many thanks!  In addition, we received about $100K through the PPP (Payroll Protection Program) government emergency assistance over two years. Without your efforts and that support we would have crashed.

That’s the good news…

The not-so-good? Our regular offertory income continues its long-term decreasing trend. Most weeks we don’t make the budget figure we need … you see it in the bulletin report each week. It is not a sustainable situation. We continue functioning only because of a bare-bones budget, deferred upkeep and maintenance, special gifts from you and others, God’s grace, and some degree of plain old luck. Yet, we can’t responsibly continue to operate this way. Regular expenses – like oil, snow removal, insurances, and more – will rise next year by significant amounts. Some building needs cannot be put off any longer.

Is there a “safety net”?

It’s important for you to know that our only “safety net” is our parish savings account. At the current rate, it can only cover us for about 2 more years .

The building endowment money can’t be used for regular operating expenses. The diocese does not “bail out” parishes who can’t pay their bills. If funds are borrowed, they must be repaid with interest. Every parish stands or falls on its own resources
That means it is up to us. All of us.

For our part, we are now preparing to take a number of steps to change this financial outlook:

First, we are already in the process of building our parish programs. A vibrant community attracts people and enables us to carry out our mission. It’s why the parish is here in the first place! We are seeing some positive results already, with new people coming to us sharing their gifts and talents.

Also, we will have our building study results in the next few weeks. That will help us as a parish and school determine what steps we need to take with our two sets of buildings. No decisions have been made at this time……we need the results of the study to do that. You will hear from us again as this process continues to unfold. We will keep this conversation going along each step of the way.

And for YOUR part? Keep being the dedicated, committed, giving parish family you’ve been. Get involved. Participate. Share your ideas. Offer support as generously as possible.

It’s up to all of US.
Change is inevitable. If we refuse to change, we will likely not have a strong or long future. So let’s get to work, together, making the changes necessary to continue the work of this vibrant parish.”

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