Be With Us in Caring

Be With Us in Caring

Be With Us in Caring

This parish-wide initiative lines up beautifully with the worldwide work of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).

In a recent letter to all Jesuits, Arturo Sosa, Superior General of the Jesuits quoted the most recent General Congregation – or GC36 –  (the highest governing body in the Jesuits – there have been 36 since the order’s founding in 1540). Both documents describe a transforming encounter with the mercy of God as being at the heart of Ignatian spirituality This encounter with the mercy of God moves us to a generous personal response. “The experience of the merciful gaze of God on our weakness and sinfulness humbles us and fills us with gratitude, helping us to become compassionate ministers to all. Filled with the fire of Christ’s mercy, we can inflame those we meet.” (GC 36, Degree 1, paragraph 19).

As with all ministries of the Society of Jesus, Our Lady of Hope Parish seeks to be a place where everyone can encounter the profound mercy of God and where all will be moved to act with compassion in the world.

How do we show this care and compassion?

We do so by “Living the Eucharist, and Becoming a Beacon of Hope.” In the brochure that we recently sent out, we describe three activities that help us to show this care and compassion:
1. Coming to Know Jesus as a Friend
2. Celebrating God’s Love For Us
3. Feeding, Connecting, Healing.

In inviting others to come to know Jesus as a friend or to deepen that friendship, we hope to invite everyone to a transformative encounter with God’s mercy. We celebrate that transformative encounter throughout our lives – from 39 baptisms to over 80 services for those who have died. The twenty-seven ministries, close to 100 liturgical ministers, the many donations to charity and the service provided through organizations like the Knights of Columbus give evidence that the encounter with the merciful love of God has elicited a generous response from many in our parish. In the Society of Jesus we often describe these ministries as cura personalis – translated care of the whole person.

On the fourth page on the inside of that brochure we include information on income and expenses. Very often people think that issues like dollars and sense are secondary to the work of cura personalis. In the Society of Jesus, this fourth page is a part of what we call cura apostolica – translated care of the organization or apostolate. The Jesuits see Our Lady of Hope Parish as an apostolate.

Care for Mission: People, Communities, and Organizations

In 2020, Arturo Sosa, SJ, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, wrote a letter to the whole Society entitled “Care in the governance of the life-mission of the Society in this era of change.” In this letter, Fr. Sosa emphasized the need for unity between cura personalis and cura apostolica. Fr. Sosa traces both our care for one another and our founding institutions to that transformational encounter with God’s mercy described in the GC36. From the very founding of the Society of Jesus by Ignatius Loyola, we have had one single cura that is care for our mission. This care for mission focuses on persons, communities, and works. Care for the whole person and care of the organization must be united for us to carry out the mission.

We invite you to be with us in encountering the merciful love of God. We invite you to be with us in a generous response to that encounter. We invite you to be with us in living the Eucharist and becoming a beacon of hope. We invite you to join us in caring for one another (cura personalis) and caring for Our Lady of Hope Parish that helps to facilitate this encounter and to make this encounter available to all (cura apostolica).

Fr. Brian Conley, S.J.

Be With Us in Caring

Living the Eucharist, Becoming a Beacon of Hope

Living the Eucharist, Becoming a Beacon of Hope

Registered members of the parish recently received a brochure in the mail that highlights the good works that are going on throughout Our Lady of Hope – and beyond – into the greater Portland community. Through this brochure we seek to tell the story “by the numbers” and the ministries behind those numbers. These ministries extend our welcome, to have people feel a true sense of belonging.

We are inviting you to “Be with Us” – in prayer, service, financial support – building our parish community together.

Beyond sharing our story, this brochure is designed to invite you to prayerfully consider your participation in parish life. You might be able to serve in a ministry that:
– helps to reduce hunger (both physical and spiritual), feeding body and soul
– helps to build connection for people who are lonely or excluded so that they are less isolated
– helps to offer healing

Let us know how you’d like to be involved by mailing the “Be with Us” reply card or dropping it in the collection basket at Mass. If you’d like to give a gift online, you can do that through WeShare here.

Thank you for all you do!



Gratitude for Parish Support of Bread for the World

Gratitude for Parish Support of Bread for the World

Gratitude for Parish Support of Bread for the World

Many thanks to those parishioners who participated in the Bread for the World 2023 Offering of Letters advocacy campaign. The Social Justice and Peace Commission hosted tables at each of the Masses on the weekend of June 17 and 18. They sent 63 letters from our parish – and a few have told us they’ve sent their own letters of support as well.

Thank you for caring and making your individual impact on the local – and global – problem of hunger. By taking part in Bread for the World’s 2023 Offering of Letters in support of the Farm Bill, you have helped deliver a message of support for domestic nutrition programs (including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/SNAP), as well as funding for critical international food assistance programs.

There is still time to contact members of our Congressional Delegation to express your prayerful concerns.

Mission Co-Op Weekend

Mission Co-Op Weekend

Mission Co-Op Weekend

Each year every parish in Maine hosts a visiting missionary. This is both a way for us to learn more of the Church’s presence and mission around the world and for us to support that work by our prayers and financial contributions. This year our parish is hosting a representative of the African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC). .

As ASEC writes on their website: “While Africa is a continent of vast potential, it faces serious obstacles of poverty, chronic hunger, disease, ecological degradation and violence.  Catholic sisters are a strong force in addressing Africa’s challenges head-on and creating hope for a bright future.”  Education and further credentials in areas of community need in many countries in Africa help the sisters strengthen the Church from within while accompanying individuals and families who live in extreme poverty.

Sr. Nancy will be with us the weekend of July 8-9th. We offer her a warm welcome!

Job Posting: Parish Business Manager

Job Posting: Parish Business Manager

Job Posting: Parish Business Manager

We have a professional opportunity that doesn’t come around very often!

Business Manager, Our Lady of Hope Parish – A Jesuit Ministry

Are you a financial professional thinking about making a job change? If you’re looking for a workplace where you can fully align your values with your skills and experience, consider the role of Parish Business Manager at Our Lady of Hope Parish in Portland. As a Jesuit ministry, Our Lady of Hope serves the greater Portland community – and beyond, with active members from 25 area towns. When you join our pastoral team, you become part of a vibrant community that connects their spirituality with daily life. An active practicing Catholic is helpful but not required.

Primary Function of this Position

The Parish Business Manager (PBM) is a professional who reports directly to the Pastor Our Lady of Hope Parish (OLHP). This person assists the Pastor with the stewardship of the physical, financial and human resources of the parish, in accordance with canon law and diocesan policies and guidelines. The PBM is a person of faith committed to Gospel values. He or she values the organization and responsible management of resources, and helps the Church fulfill its mission and purpose.
We are searching for an experienced, organized, technically savvy and personable administrator to lead our business team. This position is critical to the financial health and stability of our parish.
The duties of the PBM may vary dependent upon other staff resources and parish demands.


The PBM manages the financial and administrative support functions of the organization. Responsibilities include financial analyses of operations, oversight of the Parish’s accounting policies, practices and financial plan and the preparation of interim and final financial statements with supporting schedules. Supervision over general accounting, property accounting, internal auditing, cost accounting, budgetary controls, payroll, benefits administration, onboarding, and information technology. Overseeing the business office and custodial staff. In addition, the PBM will work in collaboration with the Diocese and the OLHP Councils, committees, and sub-committees.


The following education, knowledge, experience, and skills are considered essential:
· Bachelor’s Degree in finance, accounting or related field, or the equivalent in education and progressively responsible, related work experience, required.
· At least 5 years of progressively responsible finance/accounting experience at a management level required; at least 2 years of experience working in a non-profit organization.
· Knowledge and skills in all financial functions of a non-profit organization, including processing payables, receivables, and payroll; familiarity with computerized accounting and recording keeping software.
· Experience using computerized financial spreadsheets, general ledgers, charts of accounts, etc.
· Experience in managing payroll and employee benefit programs.
· Excellent writing and verbal communication skills.
· Adept in the use of the Microsoft Office suite of products including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.
· Strong analytical skills, along with system thinking and strategic thinking.
· Sound judgment and decision-making skills.
· Strong management skills with people and programs.
· Excellent collaborative interpersonal skills.


Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $55,000.00 – $60,000.00 per year
· Dental insurance
· Health insurance
· Health Savings Account
· Life Insurance
· Vision Insurance
· Paid Time Off
We are willing to invest in professional development for the right long-term candidate.
Physical setting:
· Office – In Person
· Usual 8-hour shift
· Monday to Friday
· Frequent evening and some weekend work. (Required).
· Bachelor’s or Equivalent (Required).
· Major in Business Administration, Accounting or Finance (Preferred).
· Non-profit management: 2 years (Preferred).
· Management level finance or accounting: 5 years (Preferred).
· Knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Church and its mission (Required).

Please send cover letter and résumé to or to Search Committee, Our Lady of Hope Parish, 492 Ocean Avenue, Portland, ME 04102. If you require alternative methods of application, please let us know at email above or 207-797-7026.

Affirming Respect for All Human Life

Affirming Respect for All Human Life

In 2018 the Society of Jesus in the US issued a statement which reiterated the Jesuits’ support for the unborn, calling abortion “part of the massive injustices in our society.”

“A spirit of callous disregard for life shows itself in direct assaults on human life such as abortion and capital punishment.  We also seek justice in ensuring that pregnant women and mothers have the resources they need to care for their children and live full lives.”

Father Timothy Kesicki, SJ, president of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the U.S., says, “From the beginning, St. Ignatius founded the Jesuits for the promotion of the faith and the progress of souls in the teachings of Christ. As Jesuits, we continue this mission, to accompany the child in the womb and the community into which each one of us has been born. Jesuits and their colleagues must “find ever new and creative ways to bring the protection of the unborn and solidarity with mothers in difficult situations into whatever mission they serve.”

In 2022, the Society issued a similar statement when the Dobbs Decision overturning Roe v Wade was made public. “As we wrote in our 2018 pro-life statement Protecting the Least Among Us, “The most fundamental building block of a just social order is respect for human life. Until men and women individually and collectively make a profound commitment to the value and dignity of all human life, we will never find the true peace, justice and reconciliation God desires for us.”

“We also affirm our belief that building what Saint John Paul II called a “culture of life” requires a stronger social safety net than our country has today. To be truly pro-life, we must support all women, expectant parents and their children by advocating for policies like universal health care, paid parental leave and a more equitable distribution of our country’s abundant resources.”

We approach this topic as pastors, scholars, social activists and educators. No part of our ministry is removed from the essential work of promoting and protecting the dignity of every child of God. We pray that the Lord might continue to inspire our efforts and to help us always see the face of Christ revealed in each person, both before their birth and after it.”

Protecting the Least Among Us: A Statement of the Society of Jesus in the United States

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