Baptismal Blankets Made with Love

Jul 8, 2022 | Faith in Action, Ministries, Sacraments

The Baptismal “Garment”

There is an ancient tradition of dressing the newly-baptized in a white garment. In some families the garment used at the baptism of young children becomes an heirloom treasure, used generation after generation. Our parish has recently started the tradition of presenting the family with a white or cream-colored baby blanket. These beautiful blankets are knitted or crocheted by members of our parish. Talk about hospitality!!  Heartfelt thanks to the individuals who are taking this on — it is indeed a ministry of welcome, to the newly baptized and their whole family.

If you are a knitter or one who crochets, would you like to become part of the tradition and join others in creating these blankets? They’re typically about 36″ x 36″ in a variety of patterns and styles — that’s up to your creative vision and gifts! Let us know. The families love them, and they are a tangible sign of the love and support of our parish.

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