Approaching Change with Curiosity

May 2, 2022 | Liturgy

In making the upcoming changes to our parish Mass schedule, beginning the first weekend of June, we are hoping to build a more vibrant and worshipful community. You have told us that is what you desire, too. We believe that having more voices praying and singing together will help make that happen.

We all know that human beings find change difficult, and, at first, unwelcome. Adapting to changing circumstances is necessary for both human beings and human institutions – including parishes – to survive. We all know of institutions (like Sears, once the largest US retailer and now almost gone) which did not adapt and change to new circumstances. There are lessons there.

Like most Catholic parishes in the US – and in Maine – we have experienced shrinking attendance and financial support over the last 15 years, and more changes will likely be necessary as we adapt to this new reality.
We invite you to approach the new Mass schedule in a spirit of exploration and curiosity! Look at the different Masses and the different styles of music and choose one that gives you the most life. Help us to build the vibrant, welcoming, and prayerful community of faith that we have envisioned in our parish planning process and expressed in our synodal listening sessions.

If it proves that any of these Masses is filled to over-capacity, we can always make further adjustments and add a Mass! We can change.

If you’d like to talk about any aspect of the upcoming Mass schedule or about managing change in life, we’re here and glad to help.

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