Amplifying the Liturgy: Sanctuary Assistive Listening System

Jun 13, 2024 | Liturgy, Mass, Ministries, News & Updates

Do you wish you could hear the Liturgy more clearly when you go to Mass?  Thanks to the generosity of some parishioners, we now have an assistive listening system in place at St. Pius X.  This system has four devices, so four people can benefit from the amplified Word at each Mass (or other in-church event).

One of our parishioners has used the newly-available sanctuary assistive listening system that is available at St. Pius X. He reports that “it is terrific.” Each unit consists of a small device you wear on your belt or in a pocket and an earpiece. It is useful to people who wear hearing aids, as well.

If you would like to use this system, check in with one of the greeters at Mass – at least five minutes before the starting time for Mass. You will need to sign in to receive the
equipment. Then, at the end of Mass, return the device to a greeter who will note that you have returned it and “sign you out.”

Again, thanks to parishioners whose generosity has made this assistive listening system available.

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