Prayerful Concerns of Our Parish Community – 2nd Sunday of Advent

Dec 11, 2023 | Prayers of the Faithful

We share these Prayers of the Faithful for the 2nd Week of Advent from weekend Masses celebrated on Dec 9-10, 2023.  May they be helpful during your reflections and personal prayers this week.

Lord your word comes both as comfort and a call for repentance. We need both. Give us ears to hear and hearts to welcome the voices of the prophets among us today, reminding us of the suffering of our physical world and the most vulnerable people among us. We pray:

For world leaders and shakers and all of us that we take seriously the pleas of scientists and Pope Francis to see our physical world, not as a “thing” to be used as we wish, but a sacred gift to be cherished. Our planet is in distress. Grant us the wisdom and courage to act to save it. We pray to the Lord.

Each and every one of us has a valued place in your purpose. We confess that too often when things are going well, we take our good fortune for granted and we are blind to the needs of others. Grant us a spirit that will be content with enough so that we may be generous towards those who lack money, food, or shelter. We pray to the Lord.

Show us, God, when to speak out and when to be silent, when to stand up for what we believe; give us the courage of our convictions to follow your lead. We pray to the Lord.

Come to give reassurance where there is fear in our hearts and minds, and confidence where there is doubt. Wherever people are hurting, come, God and let your light shine. We pray to the Lord.

We earnestly pray for peace in Ukraine, in Palestine, in the places in Africa, and around the world where there is destruction and the suffering of innocent people. We pray to the Lord.

For the needs of our family members, for healing, for reconciliation where there has been a break in relationships. We pray to the Lord.

For those whom we trust are now with you. Bless them and bless their memory in our hearts. At this liturgy we especially remember:
4:30 Janet Shannon by Maureen
7:30 The People of the Parish Both Living and Deceased
9:30 Zita Paul by Frank Paul
5:00 Gerard & Rita Prevost by Family

We pray to the Lord.

These are our prayers for now, God. We carry many more in our hearts. God of the watching ones, the waiting ones, the slow and suffering ones, the angels in heaven, the child in the womb, give us your blessing, your good word for our souls that we might rest and rise in the kindness of your company. We make these prayers in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

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