Adding our Voice to Those Alleviating Hunger

Jun 1, 2023 | Faith in Action, Social Justice & Peace

People are hungry. Not just “what’s-for-dinner?” hungry, but “will-there-be-dinner?” hungry. Maine has the highest child hunger rate in all of New England: 1 in 5 Maine kids are hungry.  And, hunger is not limited to the young. We know that.
The Gospel Message is clear: Feed the hungry.

Adding our Voices to Those Alleviating Physical Hunger

We’re suggesting one way to make an individual impact on the local – and global – problem of hunger. Every year, Bread for the World organizes churches, community organizations, and people of faith from across the country to write letters and emails to their members of Congress who have the power to impact the policies and programs that can end hunger. So by taking part in Bread for the World’s 2023 Offering of Letters in support of the Farm Bill, you will help support domestic nutrition programs (including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/SNAP), as well as funding for critical international food assistance programs.

We are joining All Saints Parish in Brunswick in this effort. Letters drafted by Bread for the World and addressed to our Senators and Congresswoman will be available at the Masses on June 17 and 18 on a table in the back of the churches along with a volunteer to answer any questions.

It is easy to participate right after Mass:

  • sign each letter in the packet of three on-the-spot
  • add your printed name and address or use a printed address label

Not around on the weekend of June 17/18?  You can add your voice online at the Bread for the World’s web page that will walk you through the process. Be sure to check the box that indicates this is part of an Offering of Letters.

The Social Justice and Peace Commission members invite you to join them

If you would like to volunteer to staff a table at one of the Masses on June 17 or 18, please get in touch with the Social Justice & Peace Ministry at or speak to one of the members of the ministry.

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