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Liturgical Ministries

Every Mass is a celebration. The Assembly is present; there’s a joyful energy as each person is greeted and finds a seat.  A full use of liturgical ministers, including servers (who can be adults, as well as children), well-prepared readers, possibly several of them, greeters, Eucharistic Ministers,  You can picture it! Having a number of people involved in the action of the liturgy makes a difference that you can feel.  We welcome your participation.  We need your participation.  God needs you.

“The liturgy, then, is about the action of God’s own people, each with different offices and roles … one of service, not of privilege, a mirror of Christ who washed the feet of his disciples and instructed his followers to imitate his example of service,” from the USCCB .


Ministry Roles

Altar Servers
Eucharistic Ministers
Music Ministry
The Assembly

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