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Faith Formation

Faith Formation for 1st and 2nd year youth preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist, is held on Sundays 8:45 – 9:20 at the Parish Hall, 492 Ocean Avenue, followed by Mass at 9:30. Faith Formation instruction in the Hall and Mass are both integral to sacramental prep at Our Lady of Hope Parish.  One without the other is insufficient for sacramental prep – and the development of a deep spiritual life with the Triune God at the center. At the same time that the children are in session, parents are together in the main hall.  It’s a beautiful community!

Faith Formation and Sacramental Prep sessions typically run from mid-September through May.

Children receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist together in what is known as the Restored Order. You can read more about the Restored Order in this blog post. Youth of the parish participate in sacramental prep for two years, after which they serve in various capacities at Mass from Altar Servers and Greeters – and as Lectors at family Masses. Special service projects within the context of our faith will be planned throughout the year for older youth parishioners.

Our Catholic Faith and spiritual journey is a lifelong value and relationship with God. While the children are learning and experiencing their faith formation, the adults (parents, grandparents, guardians, aunts and uncles) also spend time together deepening their knowledge and understanding. Reflections and topics are led by Frs. Paul Sullivan, SJ, Brian Conley, SJ, and Jack d’Anjou, SJ, as well as by the parents themselves.  Topics throughout the year include The Role and Types of Prayer, Who Do You Say I am? Images of Jesus, Scripture, Forgiveness, Sacraments: Baptism, Reconciliation, Confirmation, Eucharist;  Gifts of the Holy Sprit, The Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, Living the Gospel Message.

The Parish offers retreats and opportunities for ongoing spiritual development for adults throughout the year.  Our website Calendar is kept up to date and is found here.

The online form for fall 2023 registration information is found For further information or assistance please call 207-797-7026.

About Parish Ministries

St. Ignatius of Loyola tells us that Jesus’ desire is that we join Him in making God’s dream for the world present in our decisions and actions. In this way, we are living the gifts of the Eucharist as the visible presence of God’s love in our world. Here at Our Lady of Hope we trust that God has provided – in us – the people, talents, and resources needed to make God’s dream real.

We nourish each other as Jesus wished. Through our more than two dozen ministries we work to alleviate spiritual and physical hunger, reduce the isolation of people who are lonely or excluded, and we care for our common home – the environment, in the wider world and in our hearts.

Naturally, there’s more we could do. Ignatius called it “the magis”: doing the very best quality work that we can for the greater service of God and universal good. Your commitment and participation brings these ministries to life in the spirit of the magis.

Priests, Bishop and newly confirmed youngsters standing in front of altar

” And with the grace of Baptism and of Eucharistic Communion I can become an instrument of God’s mercy, of that beautiful mercy of God.”  Pope Francis

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