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Weekdays Holy Days
Monday through Friday - 9:00 AM - St. Pius X St. Pius X - Vigil - 5:30 PM
Monday - 8:00 AM - St. Joseph St. Joseph - Vigil - 7:00 PM
St. Pius X - Feast - 9:00 AM
Weekday Mass Cancellations - when the Portland schools are cancelled or have a delayed opening beyond 9 AM, weekday Mass will be cancelled. This is to ensure everyone's safety on the roads and also to allow our grounds people time to plow parking lots and clear walks and steps around the churches. The Parish Offices will follow this same policy.    St. Brigid's School will make its own school cancellation/delay notices. Weekend Masses are almost never cancelled, but each person should use good judgement about whether it is safe to travel.
Weekends Sacrament of Reconciliation
St. Joseph - Saturday - 4:00 PM St. Joseph - Saturday - 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM and by appointment
St. Pius X - Saturday - 4:30 PM St. Pius X- Saturday - 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM and by appointment
St. Pius X- Sunday - 7:00 AM Baptism
St. Joseph - Sunday - 8:00 AM Please call the Parish Office to Register for per-Baptism Class
St. Pius X- Sunday - 9:00 AM Marriage
St. Joseph - Sunday - 10:00 AM Couples should contact the Parish Office at least six (6) Months in advance
St. Joseph - Sunday - 5:00 PM
New Parishioners
New Parishioner Registration Form Click Here
Visitation of the Sick
Please call if a member of your family is in the hospital or confined at home
Daily Masses by Members of the Jesuit Community
Many people like to try to get to a weekday Mass. The following is a listing of weekday Masses offered by Members of the Jesuit Community at other Portland locations.
Note exceptions for the St. Brigid and Cheverus liturgies.
7:00AM - Monday - Friday. 8:00AM Saturday - Monastery of the Precious Blood - 166 State Street, next to Conroy-Tully-Crawford Funeral Home. Parking available behind the funeral home.
7:15 AM Monday - Friday - Loyola Chapel, Cheverus High School -
Note, the morning Mass will end on June 10th for the Summer.
11:30 AM - Monday - Thursday - Mercy Hospital, State Street Chapel
11:30 AM Friday - Mercy Hospital Fore River Facility Chapel
8:00 AM Monday - St. Brigid School - Mass will be on Tuesday when Monday is a school holiday.

Current Events
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Secretarial Office Hours

Monday to Thursday - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Our Lady of Hope Parish Office Phone: 207-797-7026      
Email: Linda.McCormack@portlanddiocese.org
Parish School - St. Brigid 695 Stevens Ave. Portland, ME 04103-2640 Tel No. 207-797-7073
Religious Education Office 673 Stevens Ave. Portland, ME 04103-2640 Tel. No. 207-358-7576
Our Lady of Hope Parish Office 673 Stevens Ave. Portland, ME. 04103-2640 Tel. No. 207-797-7026
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673 Stevens Ave, Portland, Maine, 04103-2640
E-mail: Linda.McCormack@portlanddiocese.org


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